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KIO is a creative team based in Seoul, South Korea. We specialize in branding and graphic design, working in the fields of arts and culture. We are collaborating with artists, companies, magazines, creative groups as well as museums, galleries, publishers and cultural foundations.

We are Studio KIO, Creative team living and working in Seoul, Korea.

We have worked mainly in cultural area, collaborating with museums, galleries,

publishers and cultural foundations as well as individual artists,

on the design of graphic identities and publications.

Shinhyunjoon <Confession>
Book Design / 2019 / Client: Woozoobooks

<신현준의 고백>. 신현준 / 135x195mm / 216p / 13,500원

배우 신현준의 삶에 대한 태도와 가치관들을 담아낸 에세이 ’신현준의 고백’의 단행본 디자인.

A book design of “"Shin Hyun-joon's Confession.", which is an essay that captures actor Shin Hyun-joon's attitude and values about life.

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