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KIO is a creative team based in Seoul, South Korea. We specialize in branding and graphic design, working in the fields of arts and culture. We are collaborating with artists, companies, magazines, creative groups as well as museums, galleries, publishers and cultural foundations.

We are Studio KIO, Creative team living and working in Seoul, Korea.

We have worked mainly in cultural area, collaborating with museums, galleries,

publishers and cultural foundations as well as individual artists,

on the design of graphic identities and publications.

Salt of the Jungle Exhibition
Exhibition Identity Design, Book Design / 2016 – 2017 / Curator: Sohyun Ahn / Korean Foundation Gallery, ASEAN Culture Hous, Vietnamese Woman’s Museum

<Salt of the Jungle>. Sohyun Ahn / 170x240mm / 92p

2016년부터 2017년까지 서울, 부산, 베트남 하노이 등 총 3곳에서 진행된 ‘정글의 소금’전의 전시 아이덴티티 및 관련 어플리케이션, 도록 디자인이다. 전시 제목인 베트남의 소설가 ‘응우엔 휘 티엡’의 소설 <정글의 소금>의 내용을 이미지화하는데 중점을 두고 그래픽 작업을 진행하였다.

The exhibition identity, application, and book design for Salt of the Jungle, exhibited in Seoul, Busan, and Hanoi, Vietnam from 2016 to 2017. The graphic design visualizes ‘Salt of the Jungle’, written by the Vietnamese writer Nguyen Huy Thiep (Nguyễn Huy Thiệp).

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