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KIO is a creative team based in Seoul, South Korea. We specialize in branding and graphic design, working in the fields of arts and culture. We are collaborating with artists, companies, magazines, creative groups as well as museums, galleries, publishers and cultural foundations.

We are Studio KIO, Creative team living and working in Seoul, Korea.

We have worked mainly in cultural area, collaborating with museums, galleries,

publishers and cultural foundations as well as individual artists,

on the design of graphic identities and publications.

Nam June Paik on Stage Exhibition
Exhibition Design_Space / 2013 / Nam June Paik Art Center
Installation: Soo Sung Lee

<백남준 온 스테이지>는 백남준의 퍼포먼스를 기록한 비디오와 자료부터 길거리의 해프닝, 비디오를 찍기 위해 수행한 퍼포먼스에 이르기까지 다양한 백남준의 퍼포먼스를 재조명한 전시이다. 메인 아이덴티티에서 가져온 붉은색 라인을 이용한 공간 분할을 통해 서로 다른 매체를 하나의 공간 안에 정리한 작업물이다. 

Nam June Paik on Stage exhibited various performances of the artist, from displaying his video record, happenings on the street, and performance he practiced to make the video recording. The red line from the main identity rearranges the overall exhibition in place, dividing and organizing the overall exhibition.

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