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KIO is a creative team based in Seoul, South Korea. We specialize in branding and graphic design, working in the fields of arts and culture. We are collaborating with artists, companies, magazines, creative groups as well as museums, galleries, publishers and cultural foundations.

We are Studio KIO, Creative team living and working in Seoul, Korea.

We have worked mainly in cultural area, collaborating with museums, galleries,

publishers and cultural foundations as well as individual artists,

on the design of graphic identities and publications.

직사각형 둘레에서 글쓰기 혹은 움직이기
Exhibition Identity Design, Book Design / 2018 / Curator: Seonok Kim, Sunmi Yong / Participating Artist: Jidon Jung, Hyeong-jun Cho / PLATFORM-L

<직사각형 둘레에서 글쓰기 혹은 움직이기>. 김선옥, 용선미 / 145x214mm / 52p

서울문화재단이 후원하고 플랫폼-엘(PLATFORM-L)에서 진행된 ’직사각형 둘레에서 글쓰기 혹은 움직이기’ 퍼포먼스 전시를 위한 아이덴티티 디자인과 소(小)도록 디자인. 조형준(안무가) 작가의 퍼포먼스를 위한 스케치에 사용된 도형을 이용하여 디자인하였다.

An identity and book design for the performance, Write or Move on/around the Perimeter of a Rectangle, conducted in PLATFORM-L sponsored by Seoul Foundation for arts and culture. The identity design comes from drawings in the sketches of the performance of Hyungjoon Cho(choreographer).

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